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The name S.W.E.N. originated from the four points of a compass – South – West – East – North. For more than 25 years SWEN developed a presence within the entertainment industry by distributing a diverse array of entertainment products in multiple genres and multiple media formats.

SWEN Group is a full service independent entertainment group of companies providing distribution, production, licensing, marketing, live events/shows and film financing services throughout Latin America and the U.S.


SWEN attends film and television markets around the world and developing relationships with Hollywood film makers and sales agents necessary to acquire new available products in multiple formats for distribution the Latin American market. Besides its offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, SWEN has locations and representatives throughout Latin America including Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Lima, to keep in direct contact with the local markets.

SWEN currently holds an extensive catalog of feature films and television product and is constantly building upon its recent success. To view our lineup and latest acquisitions click here.


A full service distribution and licensing company, SWEN also provides licensing and merchandising services as an add-on for the distributed programs.

Swen Group owns the Mixed Martial Arts brand name "Naja" Products carrying the licensed brand include mobile phones, cosmetics, clothing line, bags, school supplies, fitness academies and more. For a complete list of licensed products, go to www.najaextreme.com.br.


SWEN has recently created a new division that offers film financing support to provide a full package of entertainment services, a company that will raise funds for film productions.


Swen Comunicação is an advertising agency, which creates and produces commercials, as well as negotiates advertising space in all media in Brazil.

SAT-America, a fully-owned company by Swen Group, oversees the following:
1- The monthly Mixed Martial Arts magazine "panoraMMA360"
2- One of the most accessed Mixed Martial Arts websites in Brazil,www.panoraMMA360.com
3- Programming of a 24 hour free TV UHF channel in São Paulo (In development)


SWEN offers production services in Latin America and Miami. SWEN produces feature films, like international productions "Carmo," an official Sundance films selection, and "Entre Lencois." SWEN has several new films in development for 2012 and will continue to offer unique and first rate productions services to international producers.

SWEN has also produced movies in English language located in Brazil aimed at the worldwide marketplace. Several movies have already been produced for Nu Image and ACI including "Journey to the End of the Night," with Brendan Fraser (Sao Paulo); "Flying Virus" (Ubatuba); "Power Play" (Curitiba) and of course "The Snake King," with Stephen Baldwin (Salvador) which drew significant audience for the U.S. Syfy Channel.

SWEN also produced films in Portuguese: Diamantino dos Santos, Os Xeretas, Casamento Blindado. "Between Sheets" with Reynaldo Gianechini and Paola Oliviera, and "Carmen" with Marcio Garcia, who won the Excellence in Acting award at the Film Festival of Los Angeles in 2009 for his character Diamantino dos Santos.

SWEN is in development: Jonas e a Baleia, Celulite, Deus não Erra, Nunca fomos tão Modernos, Capoeira, Além do Rio, Nada a Perder, Conexões, O último Dragão Branco Remake, Safe House, Law and Crime, Untitled Bank Heist Movie, Epic Stories of the Bible, Falcon, Jack Hunter, Jonah & The Whale, Myths & Legends of the Amazon, Robin Crusoe, Vampire Island e We love to play

In Miami, SWEN is also known for its creative services in producing advertising videos and commercials, editing, special effects, 3D animation, corporate videos, professional training videos, brand design and special events.

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